MP: 2vAI Java and 2vAI Bataan coop maps added

Gameplay: All torpedo bombers can now switch to bombs

Gameplay: Experience gain from combat increased

Specialisation: British Pacific Fleet fixed and adds 2 aircraft on top of the naval units

Fix: Various unit stats fixed

Fix: Dutch Overvalswagen APC no longer causes framerate drop on Java scenario

Fix: Various issues with AI freezing fixed

Fix: Scenario restart now correctly resets campaign events

MP: PBEM Lobby, disappearing game names fixed

UI: Force List, unit category filters added

UI: Force List sorted by unit nation > category > type

UI: Empty hexes can be selected to inspect terrain type

UI: Hex location names visible on map and/or UI

UI: Checkbox to disable AI spinning animation in options menu

UI: For transport moves, the potential combat prognosis is displayed for the transport type, not the current unit type

Strategic Map: Left-click on map moves the camera to that location.

Scenarios: Philippine Sea, Coral Sea (Japan) and Midway (USA) objectives fixed/improved

AI: Offensive AI teams now attempt to clear mines

Modding: Mod launcher, improved mod folder support, 3D model importing

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