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ستون های مدیریت به شما اجازه می دهد تا هر محتوای وردپرس را سریعتر از همیشه مرتب کنید، جستجو و ویرایش کنید!

Admin Columns Pro یک مدیر ستون در پنل مدیریت وردپرس است که به شما امکان می دهد به راحتی ستون های اضافی را در پنل مدیریت برای پست ها، صفحات، نظرات، کاربران، طبقه بندی ها، رسانه ها و همچنین انواع پست های سفارشی اضافه و ویرایش کنید.

شما می توانید اطلاعات را بر اساس این ستون ها مرتب و فیلتر کنید. و همچنین فیلدهای فردی را مستقیماً از لیست ویرایش کنید.

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://www.admincolumns.com/

ویژگی های Admin Columns Pro – افزونه مدیریت محتوای وردپرس

دمو Admin Columns Pro
  • تابلوی فهرست وردپرس خود را کاملا سفارشی کنید. محتوای مهم خود را با کشیدن و رها کردن در ستون ها به آنها اضافه کنید – بدون نیاز به کدنویسی
  • جستجوی محتوای وردپرس هرگز آسان تر نبوده است. هر محتوایی را می توان مرتب کرد، فیلتر کرد و جستجو کرد.
  • محتوای خود را بدون باز کردن هر پست – مستقیماً از داشبورد ویرایش کنید.
  • ویرایش درون خطی به شما این امکان را می دهد که به سرعت بخش هایی از محتوا را تغییر دهید.
  • ویرایش دسته ای می تواند تمام محتوای شما را به یکباره به روز کند.
  • صادرات سفارشی خود را از محتوای وردپرس خود در قالب CSV ایجاد کنید. می‌توانید ابتدا با فیلتر کردن و مرتب‌سازی محتوای خود، انتخاب‌های سفارشی را صادر کنید
  • با اسکرول افقی، محدودیتی برای مقدار محتوایی که در یک جدول قرار می گیرد وجود ندارد.
  • شما می توانید چندین نما برای یک جدول داشته باشید. زمانی که یک جدول برای یک کار یا کاربر خاص می خواهید بسیار مفید است.
  • هر کاربر می تواند نمای جدول شخصی خود را داشته باشد. هر نما را می توان به طور خاص برای یک نقش یا کاربر تنظیم کرد.
  • Admin Columns Pro در شبکه چند سایتی وردپرس عالی کار می کند. و می‌توانید جدول کاربران شبکه و وب‌سایت را سفارشی کنید.
  • نمایش، جستجو، ویرایش و صادر کردن تمام داده های فیلد سفارشی خود از پست ها و کاربران از نمای کلی. فیلدهای سفارشی به طور کامل پشتیبانی می شوند.
  • Admin Columns Pro 100% با ACF و به شما امکان می دهد محتوای سفارشی خود را مانند قبل جستجو، صادر و ویرایش کنید.
  • Admin Columns Pro می تواند مدیریت فروشگاه آنلاین WooCommerce شما را تا حد زیادی بهبود بخشد. به روز رسانی و یافتن محصولات هرگز آسان تر نبوده است.

Changelog Admin Columns Pro – مدیریت ستون ها در وردپرس نال شده رایگان

= v5.7 = Release Date: March 22nd, 2022
* [Added] New hook `acp/editing/view` in favor of the old deprecated 'acp/editing/view_settings' hook
* [Added] New hook `acp/export/file_name` to alter the exported filename
* [Fixed] Adding non-existing terms with editing did not work properly
* [Fixed] Clicking the mobile caret to open the row now works in combination with Inline Editing enabled
* [Fixed] Pagination for taxonomy entities now load more than just one extra page in the smart drop-downs.
* [Fixed] Removed the Ninja Forms integration from the add-on page
* [Fixed] The placeholders for the full name editable were incorrect
* [Fixed] Unexpected focus scroll behavior in Inline Editing
* [Improved] Check if a post is locked in order to be able to edit the post
* [Improved] It is now possible to search for specific icons for the label icon picker
* [Improved] Javascript is now compiled with the target set to ES6
* [Improved] Made the Polylang Language column available for all related List screens
* [Improved] Smarter Link editing for the Custom Field URL type
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5 )
* [Added] New Image column for the Media list table
* [Added] The Slug column is now also available for the Media list table
* [Improved] More thorough logic for the 'Restore Settings' option.
* [Improved] Refactor of the Setup Script that runs when the plugin is installed and activated for the first time
* [Improved] The Permalink column now also shows the (upcoming) permalinks for future and draft posts

= v5.6.4 = Release Date: December 6th, 2021
* [Hotfix] The ReadOnly class is renamed because it gave a fatal error in PHP 8.1

= v5.6.3 = Release Date: November 22nd, 2021
* [Added] New hook `acp/sorting/custom_field/numeric_type` to change the datatype for numeric custom field sorting
* [Improved] Better sticky header solution to prevent third-party plugin styling conflicts that causes header offsets
* [Fixed] Fatal error that could happen on the WPML String translation page
* [Fixed] Disabled the editing setting for unsupported Custom Field field types
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.4 )
* [Improved] UI Improvements

= v5.6.2 = Release Date: October 26th, 2021
* [Added] When creating a new column set, you can now choose to copy the settings or start with the default columns
* [Fixed] Activation button was not always enabled when entering the license
* [Fixed] Colspan for Quick Edit and Bulk Edit (Quick Actions) is now correct when Sticky Headers is active
* [Fixed] Removing terms in Bulk Edit did not work correctly
* [Fixed] It was not possible to enter negative numbers in Editing for numeric custom fields
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.3 )
* [Improved] The Menu Order column has no restrictions anymore

= v5.6.1 = Release Date: October 12th, 2021
* [Added] JetEngine integration added
* [Fixed] Bulk Editing for the date picker did not work properly
* [Fixed] WooCommerce manual product sorting is now excluded as a Sorting preference in order to get unexpected behavior when switching back to the default product view
* [Fixed] More flexible date parsing for Editing in conjunction with the hook `acp/editing/save_value`
* [Improved] Bulk Edit for the User Role column does now allow to add and remove roles instead of only replacing the value
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.2 )
* [Fixed] The setting to hide the 'Edit Columns' button did not always store the settings
* [Improved] Do not force showing notices with the hidden classes

= v5.6 = Release Date: September 21st, 2021
* [Breaking Changes] A complete refactoring of the Editing feature. The ACF and WooCommerce integrations need to be updated.
* [Breaking Changes] Removed deprecated methods from ACP version 4.4 or older.
* [Deprecated] All Editing models have become deprecated. Editing services should be used instead.
* [Added] Placeholder column to determine where and if Polylang columns should be displayed
* [Added] New 'Has Term' column for the Post list table
* [Added] It is now possible to smart filter user related columns on the current user.
* [Added] It is now possible to do calculations with inline editing for numeric custom fields.
* [Improved] Editing can now always be toggled for the Custom Field Column and does not specifically need to be activated first.
* [Improved] New styling and interface for the admin area.
* [Fixed] Sorting for default/native column can now be disabled.
* [Fixed] A fatal error when inline editing taxonomy fields when the Post Count column was available on the page.
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4 )
* [Added] Complete restyling of the Admin interface
* [Fixed] Load a default column set when the preferred column set was restricted in the meantime
* [Fixed] Gravatar display option did not work anymore since the value sanitation
* [Fixed] Possible namespace clash in Admin class

= v5.5.3 = Release Date: June 18th, 2021
* [Added] Added Media columns: Artist and Album
* [Improved] A more compact (horizontal) view for the Screen Options on the table screen
* [Fixed] Sticky Headers could give an error when Screen Options were removed from the screen
* [Fixed] Resetting sorting did not work correctly for column settings that were never stored
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.2 )
* [Fixed] Column date setting gave an error when the default date format was empty

= v5.5.2 = Release Date: June 11th, 2021
* [Added] New Post Type column for the (Custom) Post Type overviews, basically for changing the post type with Editing
* [Added] Gravity Forms integration added
* [Added] New feature to make the column headers fixed on the table screen
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.1 )
* [Fixed] Changing the screen options on the column settings page is not persisted
* [Fixed] Fixed data formatted labels with sanitation
* [Fixed] The column value is now sanitized

= 5.5.1 =
Release Date: April 29th, 2021
* [Fixed] Fixed a possible error with export

= v5.4.4 = Release Date: April 2nd, 2021
* [Fixed] Fatal error that occurred on the WPML String translation

= v5.4.3 = Release Date: March 2nd, 2021
* [Fixed] Sorting on Post Formats no longer filters out the Standard format
* [Fixed] Exporting columns settings without any sets selected gave a fatal error
* [Fixed] WYSIWYG editing does not close in Inline Edit when selecting a style
* [Improved] The Bulk Edit column settings is now only displayed when bulk editing is available

= v5.4.2 = Release Date: February 8th, 2021
* [Fixed] The title was not saved correctly
* [Fixed] Column set permissions were not saved correctly
* [Improved] Some column labels will automatically change when altering a specific setting

= v5.4.1 = Release Date: February 3rd, 2021 =
* [Added] Support management for columns on the Reusable Blocks (Gutenberg) list table
* [Fixed] The 'Standard' post format does now filter correctly
* [Fixed] Fixed javascript Violation errors
* [Improved] When the Saved Filters do not match the column settings, you'll now get a useful message instead of a fatal error
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.2.6 )
* [Added] User Column: First and Last Post(type)
* [Improved] It's now possible to select a post status for the Post Count column (User)

= v5.4 = Release Date: December 15th, 2020
* [Added] Option to hide the Quick Links menu on top of the list tables
* [Improved] Exporting to CSV is faster and will no longer store temporary files on the file system
* [Improved] You can now limit the number of shown items for the child pages column
* [Fixed] Don't show the clear button for empty values
* [Fixed] Permalinks will be urldecoded when exporting
* [Improved] Export is faster and does not store temporary files on the file system anymore
* [Improved] Limit the number of items for Child Pages column
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.2.5 )
* [Fixed] The updater could give a PHP warning when there were no updates
* [Fixed] Display a correct message when an integration is not installed

= v5.3.3 = Release Date: December 9th, 2020
* [Fixed] WordPress 5.6 compatibility issues

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