[Nulled] Divi Supreme Pro v4.8.45 – ماژول های سفارشی و خلاقانه Divi

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دیوی عالی Modules Pro قابلیت ها و عملکرد Divi را گسترش می دهد و آنها را با ماژول های سفارشی گسترش می دهد تا به شما در ایجاد وب سایت های شگفت انگیز کمک کند.

Divi یک ابزار عالی برای ایجاد یک وب سایت است، اما بدون افزونه مناسب، می تواند زمان و هزینه بیشتری را صرف کند. به همین دلیل است که ما بیش از یک ویژگی را ارائه می دهیم. ماموریت Divi Supreme این است که به کاربران Divi کمک کند تا وب سایت هایی را به ساده ترین، سریع ترین و کارآمدترین راه ایجاد کنند.

⭐توصیه می شود: Divi Builder – صفحه ساز وردپرس

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://divisupreme.com/

ویژگی های Divi Supreme Modules Pro

ویژگی های Divi Supreme Modules Pro
  • متن گرادیان
  • دکمه عالی
  • فرم تماس 7
  • متن اشکال
  • متن تصویر آشکار می کند
  • لیست قیمت
  • ساعات کاری
  • متن گرادیان متحرک
  • چرخ فلک کارت
  • فلیپ باکس
  • فید فیس بوک
  • جاسازی نقشه گوگل
  • تقسیم کننده نماد
  • افکت تایپ
  • مخلوط کردن نامه ها
  • فهرست آیکون ها
  • شکل ها
  • تقسیم کننده متن
  • نظرات فیس بوک
  • نشان های متنی
  • تصاویر چندگانه شناور
  • رتبه بندی ستاره ای
  • چرخ فلک تصویر
  • سرفصل دوگانه
  • تصویر را اسکرول کنید
  • تصویر عالی
  • خط زمانی توییتر
  • منو
  • Image Hover Reveal
  • کج تصویر
  • فرم های کالدرا
  • نقاط داغ تصویر
  • کارت
  • متن ماسک

Changelog Divi Supreme – ماژول های سفارشی و خلاقانه Divi

v4.8.45 – 14.04.2022
Added: Icon Gap Width to Divi Icon List Module.
Fixed: Cookie consent for Popup.

v4.8.44 – 05.04.2022
Added: CSS Selector for Divi Custom Attributes Extension.

v4.8.43 – 01.04.2022
Fixed: Divi Icon List css selector due to new Divi CPT update.

New Update Changelog v4.8.42​
Updated - CSS and JS files
Enhanced - Divi Flipbox child css selector due to Divi static css conflict.

v4.8.40 – 18.03.2022
Fixed: Popup not working in Card and Card Carousel button.
Enhanced: Popup button target method.

New Update Changelog v4.8.39​
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel title header tag.

v4.8.38 – 15.03.2022
Fixed: Popup link trigger.
Enhanced: Popup switching method.

New Update Changelog v4.8.37​
Added: Trigger by CSS Class for Divi Popup.
Fixed: Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in Card Carousel item.

v4.8.35 – 10.03.2022
Enhanced: Divi Popup js file size to 6kb, previously at 26kb.
Enhanced: missing a “SameSite” attribute for Divi Popup.
Fixed: Divi Facebook Like Button module width issue.
Fixed: Divi Image Hotspots CPT icon font size rendering in Builder.
Updated: cookie.js version

v4.8.34 – 01.03.2022
Added: Overlay padding in Divi Masonry Gallery Module.
Added: Block elements styling in Divi Flipbox Module.
Fixed: Divi Card Module Text Alignment not working in frontend.

v4.8.33 – 25.02.2022
Fixed: Easy Theme Builder for header top padding issue with Divi style css.
Enhanced: Divi Card Carousel JS $ not found in some cases.

v4.8.32 – 24.02.2022
Enhanced: Move dsm_delete_library_transient outside of Popup Function.
Fixed: Divi Card Module overlay icon alignment.
Fixed: Divi Blog Carousel – Readmore button margin not working.
Enhanced: Divi Card Carousel now works with Conditions.
Fixed: Divi Masonry Gallery lightbox images not working in some cases.

v4.8.31 – 18.02.2022
Removed: Force load required module styles for Blurb and Image module.
Fixed: Divi Icon list module CPT list-style-type.
Added: ID/CSS Input field to Divi Image Hotspot item.
Fixed: Divi Image Carousel module only showing the first world of Alt text.
Enhanced: Accept different condition for lightbox, custom URL and download for Divi Image Carousel module.

v4.8.3 – 16.02.2022
Enhanced: Remove importancy on node element when using Easy Theme Builder.
Fixed: Safari Bug when using Supreme Image module.
Fixed: Parallax Background Effect for Divi Flipbox Module.
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel Arrow positioning.
Fixed: Divi Breadcrumbs module alignment on frontend.
Fixed: Divi Text Notation module when using Divi native animation.

v4.8.2 – 14.02.2022
Removed: Dynamic Assets Notification.
Updated: Facebook SDK version to version 13.0.

v4.7.55 – 02.02.2022
Fixed: Divi Image hotspot item et_pb_border position value not correct due to Divi style static css.
Fixed: Divi Image Text Reveal not showing properly in Visual Builder.
Fixed: CSS global classes for equal height conflict.
Enhanced: Divi Facebook Page Feed Module width not correct due to lazyload in some cases.
Enhanced: Allow empty value for Divi Custom Attributes.

v4.7.54 – 20.01.2022
Fixed: Fix Popup not showing when using Divi Builder.
Enhanced: Popup compatibility with Divi Theme, CPT and Divi Builder.

v4.7.53 – 11.01.2022
Fixed: Fix Popup to prevent black overlay or duplicated popup.
Enhanced: Divi Icons for Popup Close Icon compatibility.

v4.7.51 – 08.01.2022
Fixed: Missing PHP file for Divi Icon Divider Module.

v4.7.50 – 07.01.2022
Enhanced: Load icons assets to Divi et_global_assets_list.
Enhanced: New Divi Icon update Compatibility.

v4.7.47 – 17.12.2021
Added: dsm-skip-lazyload css class to Divi Masonry Gallery.

v4.7.44 – 07.12.2021
Fixed: Popup animation.
Fixed: Popup Library not rendering due to prehend classes.

v4.7.41 – 20.11.2021
Fixed: Divi Text Notation module not rendering in Frontend due to Assignment to constant variable..

v4.7.40 – 11.11.2021
Fixed: Divi Masonry Gallery module not rendering in Divi Popup.
Enhanced: Divi Masonry Gallery lazyload function and remove skip lazy css class.
Enhanced: Make sure images are loaded fully before calling Divi Masonry Gallery.

4.7.39 – 09.11.2021 
Enhanced: Load assets to Divi et_late_global_assets_list.
Enhanced: New Divi Icon update Compatibility to Flipbox, Icon Divider, Icon List, Contact Form 7, Blog Carousel, Post Carousel, Tilt Image Module, Image Hotspots, Scroll Image, Supreme Button, Card, Image Accordion modules.
Fixed: Blog Carousel – Custom Button Styling due to CSS class typo.
Added: Popup to Slider and Fullwidth Slider.

4.7.38 – 26.10.2021
Fixed: Post Carousel – Typo – Post Excerpt.
Fixed: Blog Carousel – Typo – Post Excerpt.
Fixed: Allow common character in Divi Text Rotator Module.
Fixed: Paragraph tag not working in Divi Text Notation Module.
Fixed: Contact Form 7 – Doesn’t show loader icon due to new update – Added has-spinner css class.
Added: Blog Carousel – Missing Touch Dragging and Drag option.
Enhanced: Dequeue supreme-modules-pro-for-divi-frontend-bundle-js – for speed optimization.

4.7.37 – 13.10.2021
Fixed: Categories not showing up when using Theme Builder on the frontend – Divi Breadcrumbs Module.

v4.7.36 – 01.10.2021
Fixed: Divi Image Hotspot module Icon due to dynamic Icon assets not loaded.
Fixed: Divi Image Hotspot module tooltip not showing in Visual Builder in some cases.
Fixed: Divi Tilt Image module Alt, title and CSS Class not rendering on frontend.
Fixed: Alt and Title option to Divi Tilt Image module.
Fixed: Divi Tilt Image module alignment not rendering properly in Visual Builder.
Fixed: Divi Tilt Image module tilt effect wrapper on frontend.
Renamed: Horizontal to Vertical for Divi Image Carousel module.

v4.7.35 – 23.09.2021
Fixed: Divi Post Carousel Button styling.

v4.7.33 – 31.08.2021
Enhanced: Divi popup JS jQuery conflict in some cases.

v4.7.31 – 30.08.2021
Fixed: Load Divi Library issue (For those who had 4.7.3).
Enhanced: PHP8 Compatibility.

v4.7.2 – 24.08.2021
Fixed: Contact form 7 button conflict with Theme Customizer Button styles.
Added: Divi Popup Extension to Divi Supreme Child Modules.
Added: Divi Scheduled Element to row inside one of Divi’s specialty sections layout.

v4.5.6 – 02.07.2021
Fixed: Delay Option for Divi Lottie Module.
Enhanced: Beta testing WPML text translation for Divi Buttons, Divi Typing Module and Divi Block Reveal Text Module.

v4.5.4 – 01.07.2021
Fixed: Missing Delay option in Divi Lottie Module.
Fixed: Animation start segment for hover/click not accurate in Visual Builder – Divi Lottie Module.

v4.5.3 – 26.06.2021
Fixed: Animation start segment for hover/click not accurate – Divi Lottie Module.

v4.5.2 – 24.06.2021
Fixed: Divi Card Module – Responsive Inline and Stacked issue.

v4.5.1 – 18.06.2021
Enhanced: Divi Image Carousel Module – “Image elements do not have explicit width and height”.
Enhanced: Divi Image Carousel Module images flickering in Safari.

v4.4.6 – 26.05.2021
Enhanced: Divi Embed Google Map.
Note: The Embed Google Maps JavaScript API v2 is deprecated and has turned off on May 26, 2021 by Google. As a result, all site’s v2 embed maps will stop working, and will return JavaScript errors. Million of websites has been affected by this. Google Embed Map now required a API key even for embed map.

v4.4.5 – 25.05.2021
Added: Sub Menu Collapse Option to Divi Menu Module.
Added: Sub Menu Arrow Styling Option to Divi Menu Module.

v4.4.3 – 20.05.2021
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel Badge position due to flex CSS.
Enhanced: Divi Card Carousel image CSS.

= v4.3.7 – 11.05.2021 =
Fixed: Image Alignment in Divi Card Carousel Module.
Fixed: Image Alignment in Divi Card Module.
Added: Image Width in Divi Card Module.

= v4.3.6 – 06.05.2021 =
Fixed: Alignment not rendering for Item Layout Horizontal in Divi Icon list Module.
Added: Use Tooltip option for Divi Image Hotspot. You can now disable tooltip in Divi Image Hotspot Module.

= v4.3.4 – 04.05.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel Responsive Show Arrows and Show Pagination.
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel Image Alignment.
Added: Show Labels on Hover in Divi Before After Image Slider Module.
Added: Animate Viewport in Divi Typing Effect.
Added: Animation Viewport Repeat in Divi Typing Effect.

= v4.3.3 – 23.03.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Card Carousel link issue when loop is enabled.

= v4.3.2 – 22.03.2021 =
Added: Carousel Direction “Left to Right” and “Right To Left” to Divi Image Carousel, Divi Card Carousel, Divi Blog Carousel Module.
Added: Popup Extension to Pricelist Child Item.
Fixed: Chrome not showing shadow in all carousel module cube effect.

= v4.2.2 – 18.02.2021 =
Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function et_builder_get_blocklisted_post_types() due to older Divi version.

= v4.2.1 – 16.02.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Supreme Image lightbox title showing Alt Text.
Fixed: Easy Theme Builder causing top padding in Visual Builder.
Fixed: Divi Blog Carousel image and author link not working in some cases.
Added: Divi Post Carousel Module.

= v4.2.0 – 09.02.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Blog Carousel button link not working in some cases.
Added: ID and CSS input field to both Divi Card Module button.

= v4.1.9 – 07.02.2021 =
Enhanced: Divi Image Carousel exclude lazy load by adding css class lazy-skip.
Enhanced: Divi Breadcrumbs Module supports 3 level sub category.
Fixed: Divi Breadcrumbs Module “No Breadcrumbs” when using in Theme Builder.
Fixed: Divi Image Hotspot Module CPT, Theme Builder and WooCommerce wrong positioning due to child CSS selector.

= 4.1.7 – 27.1.2021 =
Enhanced: Divi Supreme License Key Activation and Deactivation.
Added: Divi Supreme License Key Expiry date to License Page.

= 4.1.6 – 26.1.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Price List Module default value in Visual Builder.
Enhanced: Admin Label to Divi Price List Module.
Enhanced: Divi Typing Effect when using with Divi’s Animation Delay.
Added: ID to both Button #1 and Button #2.
Added: Lightbox to Divi Floating Multi Images Module.

= v4.1.5 – 22.1.2021 =
Fixed: Divi Masonry Gallery Zoom Animation on Hover.
Enhanced: Admin Label to Child Module – Divi Icon List, Divi Card Carousel, Divi Business Hours, Divi Image Hotspots, Divi Image Accordion, Divi Floating Multiple Images.

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