[Nulled] Fancy Product Designer v4.7.6

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طراح محصولات فانتزی پلاگین شماره 1 طراحی محصول برای ووکامرس.

به طور کامل در سیستم سبد خرید WooCommerce یکپارچه شده است. پشتیبانی از انواع محصول: ساده، قابل تغییر، دانلود.

موفق ترین طراح محصول با بیش از 15000 فروش!

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-woocommercewordpress/6318393

سازگار با dokan
به مشتریان خود آزادی طراحی هر نوع محصول را بدهید
محصولات خود را به چند روش سفارشی کنید
با استفاده از طرح‌بندی‌های مختلف، رابط کاربری خود را بنویسید
استفاده از آن در هر دستگاه و در هر زبان
آن را برای محبوب ترین پلتفرم ها دریافت کنید

ویژگی ها Fancy Product Designer | وردپرس ووکامرس

با هر محصول Woocommerce استفاده کنید

همه انواع محصولات WooCommerce پشتیبانی می شوند: ساده، قابل تغییر و دانلود. طراح محصول را برای هر محصول WooCommerce به طور جداگانه یا برای همه فعال کنید.

سبد یکپارچه ووکامرس

این افزونه به طور یکپارچه با سبد خرید WooCommerce ادغام شده است. به راحتی محصولات را از سبد خرید دوباره ویرایش کنید. نمایش ویژگی های عناصر مرتبط در سبد خرید و سفارش ایمیل.

محصولات دانلود شده

وقتی یک محصول ووکامرس را به‌عنوان قابل دانلود علامت‌گذاری می‌کنید، مشتریان شما می‌توانند به محض دریافت پرداخت، محصول را دانلود کنند.

سبک محصول ممکن است تغییر کند

محصول قابل تنظیم دیگری را با استفاده از نوع WooCommerce انتخاب شده در طراح بارگذاری کنید.

موقعیت های مختلف نمایش

جایی را که می خواهید Product Designer در صفحه محصول نمایش داده شود، انتخاب کنید. تصاویر محصول را جایگزین کنید، به صورت مودال باز کنید، بعد از عناوین محصول نمایش دهید و موارد دیگر.

قیمت گذاری

Product Designer قیمت ها را بر اساس قیمت محصولات WooCommerce و سایر قوانین قیمت گذاری Fancy Product Designer محاسبه می کند. حتی می توانید ویژگی Pricing را غیرفعال کنید و دکمه “دریافت قیمت” را نشان دهید.

فروش متقابل

هر زمان که مشتری محصولی را به سبد خرید اضافه می کند، محصولات متقابل فروش مرتبط نمایش داده می شوند و مشتری می تواند طرح سفارشی خود را روی محصول دیگری مشاهده کند.

محصولات سفارشی در جزئیات سفارش

شما به راحتی می توانید محصولات سفارشی را در جزئیات سفارش WooCommerce مشاهده و صادر کنید. صادرات به PDF، SVG، JPG یا PNG.

ایمیل بهینه شده

مشتری به راحتی می تواند با کلیک روی لینک محصول سفارش داده محصول سفارشی خود را بررسی کند. حتی می‌توانید به محض تکمیل سفارش، یک فایل آماده چاپ را با افزونه Export ما پیوست کنید.

Changelog طراح محصول فانتزی | WooCommerce وردپرس نال شد رایگان

New Features
- CSS variables are used for the color theme
- Color suggestions available in stroke palette as well for color picker
- Doyle theme: Close button on mobile added for main bar

Bugs fixed
- Nonce field added for import function
- Layer Depth Changeable removed for upload zone in product builder (no effect)
- Colour names won't allow two words
- Syntax error in class-product.php
- Not all emojis were detected when disableTextEmojis is enabled
- Max. height of 200px set for color palette
- Sorting layer items in the manage layers module

Bugs fixed
- Whitelist files for imports
- SQL injection checks for several database requests added
- getUsedFonts() did not include the font variants of a custom font
- Applied pattern is removed when an old color value exists
- Adding images with an angle into an upload zone did not center the image correct

Bugs fixed
- "Auto-fill upload zones" did not work with multiple views
- Updated to FB V12 login process
- When using the Layouts module, the undo button is active when the product loads.
- Doyle theme: Open text input on select not working on mobile
- Sanitizing input fields to prevent XSS
- Chrome: Downloading demo did not work
- Disabled media module (designs, image, text) does not disable the module used with shortcode
- Google webfonts are now loaded from local JSON file instead of calling google api to prevent api request limits
- Save 3d product to user account Saved Products, then when you click on one, 3d preview is missing from canvas.
- Check uploaded zip via import for malicious files

Bugs fixed
- Adding images to upload zones does not work when images or designs module is not present

New Features
- Drag & Drop images from the images and designs module into upload zones or on canvas
- Fill UZ with all uploaded images in all views (only on first upload selection).
Bugs fixed
- In Doyle Layout on mobile - if using Layouts module, the Layouts Confirm Replacement dialog is hidden by the Layouts panel.
- Doyle theme: Toolbar was covered by main navigation on mobile

Bugs fixed
- Text box layer in Doyle shows font size/line-height/letter spacing even if Scalable is off.
- After loading another modal (eg Info or Save) you get vertical scrollbars on close.
- Remove white in advanced editing does not revert when toggled (or slider moved back to start position)
- Scrollbar missing or displaced in some cases
- Horizontal scroll for stroke color palette on mobile
- Action context menu was covered by color palette/picker
- Printful was not working with lightbox mode

Bugs fixed
- Pixel shift in SVG export when using printing box as bounding box
- Improved security for ajax handlers in backend
- Method missing in FPD_Parameters class which is used by MSPC

= v4.6.9 =
Bugs fixed
- Initial active module was not working correctly
- Security vulnerability in image upload fixed

= v4.6.8 =
New Features
- Label "Cart Item not found" added to labels settings https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/a/forums/topics/13000029570
Bugs fixed
- UI Composer: Module not visible when only one is selected
- Customization required is set to All or Any views, but if changes are made then the product is reset - add to cart button still shows.
- Moving elements with arrow up/down on keyboard were not possible when selecting layer via layers module
- When "hideDialogOnAdd" is enabled, the dialog will be hidden when clicking/uploading an image, not when the image is loaded on the canvas https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000029404

= v4.6.7 =
New Features
- Mask images are now sorted by name
Bugs fixed
- PHP error admin/fpd-admin-functions.php
- Migrating Tool: Product Thumbnail were not considered
- Scrollbar not displaying for color list i Doyle UI

= v4.6.6 =
New Features
- Custom Fonts Manager: Upload your own font and the different variants easily in the font settings.

Bugs fixed
- Migrating images did not consider designs
- Performance issue when using a lot of designs in the Designs module
- Jumping toolbar when using transform slider inside the toolbar
- Doyle UI: Layer depth tools were visible when actually disabled on mobile devices

New Features
- Designs Library: Browse designs in our free library and add your desired designs to your categories. If you are using specific design categories in the individual product settings, you have to reset these.
Bugs fixed
- Depositphotos APi changed: Images inside category were not displaying
- Changing upper-or lowercased text via text or layers module, the cursor jumped to the end of the textarea/input

= v4.6.3 =
The print-ready export is using webhooks now to prevent timeouts. This requires Export PRO 1.2.5

= v4.6.2 =
New Features
- Design SKU displayed in cart and order details

= v4.6.1 =
New Features
- Create color lists and assign to elements in the product builder https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028715
- Swatches from color settings added to color picker in product builder https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028968
Bugs fixed
- Linked template with a product does not get the mask if one is set

= v4.6.0 =
New Features
- Connect catalog products with templates. Useful feature if you have similar products but with some different layers. So if the base (template) needs to be updated, you only need to edit the template instead of all catalog products. Help article https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000024007
Bugs fixed
- Rangeslider handle exceeded width limit
- Resetting element via toolbar caused an error for clipping elements

= v4.5.9 =
New Features
- Internal products templates can now be edited
Bugs fixed
- Download button kept disabled in order viewer

= v4.5.8 =
Bugs fixed
- Back button on toolbar for standard layout mostly closes the whole toolbar
- Views selection position was wrong with lightbox and flat UI
- Depositphotos thumbnail not loading when Lazy-Load is disabled

= v4.5.7 =
New Features
- Move view into another product
Bugs fixed
- Text shadows not works well when switching from normal to curved text

= v4.5.6 =
New Features
- Set download filename in the settings https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028252
Bugs fixed
- Touch scrolling the canvas did not work
- Rangeslider not working correctly on mobile
- Clicking on fonts dropdown not working always on mobile

= v4.5.5 =
New Features
- 3D Preview https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000024866

= v4.5.3 =
New Features
- Save image on server from advanced editing
- Selecting multiple objects with shift key, enabled scale and rotate controls
- New option "Mobile Gestures Behaviour". Set the behaviour for mobile gestures. (See advanced settings)
Bugs fixed
- Output Details not working correct in Order Viewer

= v4.5.2 =
New Features
- Output Details (Printing area size and bleed) are displayed in the order viewer for every view
- Global elements with a bounding box equals to the printing box are getting the new view printing box when changing the product
Bugs fixed
- Saving view options will move the printing box to another position in some cases
- Product Builder: Changing preview mode and saving view with printing box, the printing box is rescaled after saving
- Elements that can be not be moved, could be moved when selecting multiple elements
- Center error
- Text Templates Text Size property was wrong
- Doyle Theme: Toolbar Nav not scrollable no desktop when height of designer is too low
- Guided-Tour container position sometimes outside of the viewport
- Fixed function is adding a duplicate layer

= v4.5.1 =
New Features
- New option "Maximum Canvas Height": The maximum canvas height related to the window height. A percentage number between 0 and 100, e.g. 80 will set a maximum canvas height of 80% of the window height. A value of 100 will disable a calculation of a max. height.
- SVG Image Upload: Sanitize SVG content
Bugs fixed
- Actions container not positioned correct for Flat UI theme
- hidden class changed to fpd-hidden in backend to prevent conflicts with other CSS classes
- Text Templates default value was wrong

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