[Nulled] Polylang Pro v3.2 – محبوب ترین افزونه چند زبانه

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پولیلانگ پرو یک نسخه پریمیوم از افزونه محبوب ترجمه چند زبانه Polylang برای وردپرس است.

این به شما امکان می دهد محتوای چند زبانه را به تعداد نامحدودی از زبان ها ایجاد کنید. Polylang به کاربران شما این امکان را می دهد که زبان مورد نظر خود را در نمایه خود انتخاب کنند و بسته زبان وردپرس مناسب را به طور خودکار دانلود کنند. WordPress Polylang Pro به طور کامل از زبان های RTL پشتیبانی می کند و با بیشتر آنها کار می کند قالب های وردپرس.

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://polylang.pro/downloads/polylang-pro/

ویژگی های Polylang Pro – چند زبانه ساختن وردپرس

ویژگی های polylang pro
  • ترجمه پست ها، صفحات، رسانه ها، دسته ها، برچسب ها
  • ترجمه انواع پست های سفارشی و طبقه بندی های سفارشی
  • منوها و ابزارک ها را ترجمه کنید
  • از زیر شاخه ها، زیر دامنه ها یا دامنه های جداگانه استفاده کنید
  • WPML API سازگاری
  • ترجمه‌ها می‌توانند همان اسلگ را در URL به اشتراک بگذارند
  • اسلاگ ها را در URL ها ترجمه کنید (انواع پست سفارشی، طبقه بندی و موارد دیگر…)
  • پست های تکراری در سراسر زبان ها
  • زبان را فعال یا غیرفعال کنید
  • پشتیبانی REST API
  • ادغام اضافی با ACF Pro
3.2 (2022-04-12)
Requires WP 5.6 as minimum version
Pro: Add compatibility with the full site editing introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Add a language switcher block for the navigation block introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Add compatibility with the new gallery block introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Make the language switcher block available in the widget section of the customizer
Pro: Fix wrong category when translating the latest block
Pro: Fix the language switcher block when using the dropdown option
Pro: Fix some edge cases with locale fallback
Pro: Fix post template replacing the post content when duplicating a post
Pro: Fix synchronization groups not correctly cleaned up when a language is deleted
Pro: Fix incorrect sticky property when duplicating / synchronizing posts
Pro: Fix \"Page for posts\" label after the page has been bulk translated
Pro: Fix translated slug when the url includes a query string
Pro: Synchronize ACF layout fields if a child field is synchronized or translatable
Pro: Fix wrong field group translation displayed when using object cache with ACF
Update plugin updater to 1.9.1
Add compatibility with the block site title introduced in WP 5.9
Add the list of wpml-config.xml files in the site health information
Improve the performance of the get_pages() filter #980
Improve the compatibility of \'wpml_object_id\' with the original filter #972
Prevent term_exists to be filtered by language in WP 6.0
Fix some PHP 8.1 deprecations #949 #985
Fix a fatal error in PHP 8.1 #987
Fix category feed not redirected when the langage code is wrong #887
Fix default category not created for secondary languages (introduced in 3.1) #997
Fix parent page when the parent post type is not translatable #1001
Fix the Yoast SEO breadcrumb when it includes a non-synchronized taxonomy #1005
Fix a PHP Notice when adding a new language and Yoast SEO is active #979
Fix a PHP warning in Yoast SEO compatibility #954

= v3.1.4 (2022-01-31) =
* Pro: Adapt duplication and synchronization of the gallery block refactored in WP 5.9
* Fix UI glitch in the classic editor custom fields form when changing a post language in WP 5.9 #970

= v3.1.3 (2021-12-14) =
* Fix user description escaping #934
* Fix dismissable notice when creating a term in WP 5.9 #936
* Fix empty search not handled correctly. Props Dominik Schilling #937
* Fix warning occurring when a 3rd party plugin attempts to register anything else than a string using the WPML API #942
* Fix Yoast SEO columns not corectly drawn when quick editing a post #943

= v3.1.2 (2021-10-11) =
* Pro: Fix parent page not filtered by language in the block editor since WP 5.6
* Pro: Fix XLIFF mime type for PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1
* Fix settings page displaying the media modules whne no language are defined
* Enforce Yoast SEO to use dynamic permalinks #882
* Yoast SEO: Fix static front page and blog page breadcrumb

= v3.1.1 (2021-08-16) =
* Pro: Fix a fatal error with The Events Calendar
* Allow to remove the cookie with the pll_cookie_expiration filter #905

= v3.1 (2021-07-27) =
* Add compatibility with WordPress 5.8
* Raise Minimum WordPress version to 5.4
* Pro: Allow to filter blocks by language in the widget block editor
* Pro: Allow to export and import XLIFF files for string translations
* Pro: Add the language switcher in the navigation block (experimental)
* Pro: Replace dashicons by svg icons in the block editor
* Pro: The Events Calendar: Add compatibility with Views V2 (only for sites using only one domain)
* Pro: Fix + icon displayed in the block editor sidebar when the user cannot create a translation
* Add a warning section to the site health for posts and terms without languages #825
* Require the simplexml extension in the site health if a wpml-config.xml is found #827
* Remove the information about the WPML compabitility mode in settings #843
* The browser preferred language detection is now deactivated by default
* The media are now untranslated by default
* Highlight the language filter in the admin toolbar when it's active #821
* Allow to query comments in multiple languages (just as posts and terms) #840
* Don't disable the translation input field in the classic metabox #841 Props Onatcer
* Optimize all images including flags #848 Props lowwebtech
* Don't redirect if WordPress doesn't validate the redirect url to avoid redirects to /wp-admin/ #879
* Fix media appearing to have a language after the language is changed in the media library grid view #807
* Fix media not all deleted when bulk deleting from the grid view of the media library #830
* Fix when more than one language switcher are added to the same menu #853
* Fix PHP notice when adding a CPT archive link to a menu #868 Props davidwebca

= v3.0.6 (2021-06-22) =
* Fix a conflict with the WooCommerce cart translation and cache plugins #876

= v3.0.5 (2021-06-08) =
* Pro: fix original post not assigned to a new translation when the languages sidebar is closed
* Pro: Attempt to fix zip file corrupted on some installations when exporting string translations
* Support session cookie with the pll_cookie_expiration filter #835
* Fix javascript error when a plugin defines its own editor for translated post types #837
* Fix languages displayed in screen options when editing a term #850
* Cache: fix post type archive cache not cleared when saving a post #828

= v3.0.4 (2021-04-27) =
* Improve performance in the pages (or hierarchical post types) list table
* Fix an ajax conflict with WooCommerce License manager

= v3.0.3 (2021-03-23) =
* Fix a warning when a language is corrupted in database (term_language missing)
* Fix confirmation modal with WooCommerce and WordPress < 5.6
* Fix an ajax conflict with WooCommerce Tree Table Rate Shipping and HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

= v3.0.2 (2021-03-16) =
* Move hreflang attributes higher in the head section #771
* Fix custom flags not working (introduced in 3.0)
* Fix translation of the confirmation modal when changing the language of a post
* Fix js and css not loaded when Polylang is used as a mu-plugin ((introduced in 3.0))
* Fix support for html5 stylesheet link tags #775
* Fix possible warning in frontend-filters-links.php
* Yoast SEO Premium: Take over the multilingual compatibility removed in Yoast SEO Premium 15.8 #796
* Yoast SEO: Fix CPT breadcrumb title when the option is left empty #794
* Yoast SEO: Fix sitemap.xml not redirected on secondary domains #789

= v3.0.1 (2021-03-10) =
* Fix media gallery messed when editing a post in the classic editor
* Fix missing script dependency on old WP versions
* Fix CSS conflict with WooCommerce Bookings for WP < 5.6
* Fix conflict resulting in '__' already defined in block-editor.js. #779
* Fix search form removed for some themes. Props Marián Kadaňka. #780
* Fix fatal error with very old versions of Yoast SEO. Props Nicola Peluchetti. #781

= v3.0 (2021-03-08) =
* Add compatibility with WordPress 5.7
* Remove upgrades from Polylang older than 1.8
* Remove deprecated class PLL_Pointer
* Pro: Hide the license keys
* Pro: Fix redirect to the home page of a deactivated language
* Pro: Fix synchronization of post status not working
* Pro: Fix language switcher block not working in a post retrieved in REST API
* Pro: Fix PO export of strings with line breaks
* Pro: Fix file block title customization lost
* Add a dialog box to ask a confirmation about a language change in classic and block editors
* Improve browser language detection #591
* Improve robustness and documentation of code
* Fix media library after the language has been chnaged in the editor metabox
* Fix duplicated title attribute on flag link in posts list
* Fix legacy block editor language metabox compatibility with WordPress 5.6
* Fix uploaded theme and plugin files in media library
* Fix site title not translated in email change confirmation email
* Fix remaining deprecated jQuery notices #741
* Fix compatibility with GN publisher
* Fix compatibility with Woodmart theme search form
* Fix compatibility issue with 3rd party ajax requests since jQuery 3.3 #744
* Fix CSS conflict with WooCommerce Bookings
* Fix browser error when displaying an embed and using a cache plugin #757
* Fix post type archive title and metadesc not translated in Yoast SEO
* Fix PHP notice in REST API

= 2.9.2 (2021-02-02) =
* Pro: Fix translation of CPTUI plural label and description not working
* Add Spanish (Ecuador) to the list of predefined languages
* Fix typo in "WordPress" string translation group. Props Viktor Szépe #682

= v2.9.1 (2020-12-15) =
* Fix PHP notice: Undefined property: PLL_Cache_Compat::$options with cache plugins. Props bahaa-almahamid. #658
* Fix title of the search results page with Yoast SEO > 14.0

= 2.9 (2020-12-07) =
* Add compatibility with WordPress 5.6
* Pro: Add locale fallback used when the theme or plugins translations are not available
* Pro: Fix SSO and browser preferred language redirect when using multiple domains
* Pro: Fix post slugs for German and Danish in the REST API
* Pro: Fix a fatal error in ACF integration when saving url modifications with multiple domains
* Pro: Fix a deprecated notice fired by ACF since the version 5.9.2
* Pro: Fix ACF relationship fields not reloaded when changing the language in the classic editor
* Update plugin updater to version 1.8
* Add Lower Sorbian to the list of predefined language
* Options are now translated on backend when using the admin language filter
* Keep previous translations when modifying an option value
* Add navigation markup to the language switcher widget
* Fix canonical redirect for taxonomy terms
* Fix a fatal error when deleting a post with a translation group corrupted in the database
* Fix a fatal error when switching to plain permalinks and using multiple domains
* Fix a conflict with WP Sweep which could corrupt languages
* Fix title displayed instead of meta description with Yoast SEO > 14.0
* Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: wp_the_query in /frontend/choose-lang-content.php on line 92

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