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شما ووکامرس فروشگاه باید کارت های هدیه PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro را ارائه دهد!

کارت هدیه راحت هستند و فروش را به طور ارگانیک افزایش می دهند. پلاگین PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro فروش کارت های هدیه را برای فروشگاه شما آسان می کند. شروع کار آسان است، می توانید کارت های هدیه را برای فروشگاه WooCommerce خود در 5 دقیقه بفروشید!

خرید مشابه به کارت های هدیه در Amazon.com، مشتریان می توانند مقدار، گیرنده و پیام را هنگام خرید مشخص کنند.

ایمیل WooCommerce را بپذیرید سیستم قالب برای ایمیل های زیبا. برای افزودن خودکار کارت هدیه به سبد خرید، روی لینک مستقیم در ایمیل کلیک کنید!

بازخرید کارت ادغام به موضوع خود وارد کنید تا استفاده از کارت های هدیه برای مشتریان آسان شود. مانند پول نقد، مانده پس از مالیات را اعمال کنید. موجودی جدید در صفحه سبد خرید و تسویه حساب نشان داده می شود.

کارت هدیه مهمانان پرداختی به حساب خاصی وابسته نیستند، بنابراین آنها می توانند بدون نیاز به ایجاد حساب، کارت هدیه دریافت کنند.

سازگار با پیش‌سفارش‌های WooCommerce اگر از افزونه WooCommerce Pre-Orders از WooCommerce.com استفاده می کنید.

راه اندازی بسیار آسان است! با یک کلیک یک محصول کارت هدیه ایجاد کنید. به راحتی مطابق با نیازهای شما سفارشی می شود.

مدیر کارت های هدیه: مسئولیت های کارت هدیه خود را در یک نگاه ببینید. جزئیات کارت های فردی را مشاهده کنید.

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://www.pimwick.com/gift-cards/

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر سازگار است.

سازگار با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر.
سازگار با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر.
PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر سازگار است.
PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر سازگار است.
PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro با WooCommerce 3.0 و بالاتر سازگار است.

در زبان های زیر موجود است:

  • عربی
  • دانمارکی
  • هلندی
  • انگلیسی
  • فنلاندی
  • فرانسوی
  • گالیسیایی
  • آلمانی
  • ایتالیایی
  • پرتغالی
  • رومانیایی
  • روسی
  • اسپانیایی
  • سوئدی

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro با مبدل های ارز زیر سازگار است:

  • تعویض ارز Aelia
  • تعویض ارز WooCommerce توسط Landag777
  • چند ارز WPML WooCommerce توسط OnTheGoSystems
  • چند ارز برای WooCommerce توسط VillaTheme
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite توسط Dev49.net (پچ مورد نیاز است، برای جزئیات با ما تماس بگیرید)
  • پولیلانگ + ادغام Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang

Changelog PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro Nulled Free

v1.372 - Fixed an issue that might prevent the Email Gift Card button from working on manually created gift cards in the admin area.

v1.368 - Added an Export button to allow downloading a CSV file of existing gift card numbers with balances. Added the ability to overwrite the gift card balance when importing existing numbers.

v1.366 - New feature: Allow choosing an email design when sending the gift card email from the Balances page in the admin area. New feature: When importing gift card numbers, you can now specify the From and Email Design options. WooCommerce 6.4 compatibility.

v1.365 - Fix to ensure that the function get_current_screen is available in the current context to prevent an exception on some systems.

v1.364 - Improvements to the French translation. Fixed a possible display issue when using a background image on the gift card email.

v1.363 - Confirmed compatibility with upcoming WooCommerce v6.3

v1.362 - Added a Dropdown Menu Order property to the gift card designs so that you can optionally change the sort for the email design dropdown menu. When creating a new design in the Email Designer, copy the currently selected design as a starting point. Removed several jQuery warnings for deprecated function calls. Refreshed translations to add any missing strings. WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 6.2 compatibility.

v1.361 - Added a scrollbar to the Check Balance table for use on smaller screens. Added compatibility for the Mollie Payments for WooCommerce payment gateway plugin.

v1.360 - Fixed the translation of Delivery Date in the Spanish translation. Fixed an issue when calling order item formatted meta data via an AJAX call and get_current_screen() returns empty.

v1.357 - Fixed a display issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin by WooCommerce when redeeming a gift card.

v1.356 - Added the ability to hide the Email Design meta in the Cart and Checkout pages. To hide it, define PWGC_HIDE_DESIGN_META_IN_CART in your wp-config.php and set it to true.

v1.355 - Fixed the Expiration Date format used on the PDF gift card and the preview. It now correctly uses the date format specified in the WordPress admin area under Settings > General > Date Format.

v1.354 - Increased the hook priority to 1 for the send_headers hook that is used to display the PDF gift card. The priority can be changed by setting PWGC_SEND_HEADERS_PRIORITY in wp-config.php

v1.353 - Fixed a display issue for scheduled gift cards that also contain a bonus gift card.

v1.352 - Fixed an issue with viewing a PDF with certain special characters in the message.

v1.351 - Remove the moment-with-locales.min.js.map reference to prevent 404 errors. Updated instructions on how to contact us for support.

v1.350 - Allow deactivating or reactivating a gift card along with a note via the REST API.

v1.349 - Improved the Italian translation. Fixed an issue with the REST API that prevented reactivation of a deactivated gift card using the API. Ensure that the product object is available when viewing a PDF for custom email template overrides. Set the PDF filename to be gift-card.pdf and added a new hook to optionally change this: pwgc_pdf_filename

v1.348 - Ensure that the Pikaday library is loaded first when Allow Scheduled Delivery is enabled.

v1.347 - For physical gift cards, do not show the Generated And Emailed After Complete message to the customer since this could be confusing.

v1.344 - Fixed an issue where the Apply Gift Card and Remove fields did not work on the Cart page after changing the Shipping method. Ensure the Gift Card product data tab is the first one when other plugins are installed such as WPC Composite Products. Use the regular price for the bonus gift card calculation for on sale gift cards.

v1.343 - Fixed a conflict with WooCommerce Multilingual that occurs when changing the shipping method on the Cart or Checkout pages. Added new hooks that can be used to alter the values displayed in the gift card email template without having to override the template: pwgc_email_template_to_label, pwgc_email_template_to, pwgc_email_template_from_label, pwgc_email_template_from, pwgc_email_template_message, pwgc_email_template_title, pwgc_email_template_amount_label, pwgc_email_template_amount, pwgc_email_template_number_label, pwgc_email_template_number, pwgc_email_template_expiration_date_label, pwgc_email_template_expiration_date, pwgc_email_template_redeem_url, pwgc_email_template_redeem_button_text, pwgc_email_template_view_email_url, pwgc_email_template_pdf_link_text.

v1.337 - Added a new filter to disable the auto focus feature for the Other Amount field: pwgc_auto_focus_other_amount. See our FAQ for details.

v1.336 - Show the full amount and not the sale price when previewing a gift card that is on sale.

v1.335 - When viewing a Preview on the frontend, ensure that the View PDF link shows the currently selected amount and not the placeholder 123.45

v1.333 - Added translation for Norwegian Bokmål. Created a new hook to allow overriding the temporary directory for the PDF gift cards: pwgc_mpdf_temp_dir

v1.332- Added a new hook to be able to override the Check Balance page on the My Account area: pwgc_balance_page

v1.331- Added a new hook to allow changing the email item data: pwgc_customer_email_item_data. Improved the accuracy of the Outstanding Balance amount in the admin area by rounding at each step. Fixed a conflict with PPOM for WooCommerce when changing the shipping method on the Cart or Checkout pages.

v1.330 - Fixed a conversion issue when using the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin by Oscar Gare.

v1.329- Added a new option to not display the Gift Card Applied message when clicking the Redeem button. To disable this message, set PWGC_SHOW_GIFT_CARD_APPLIED_MESSAGE_FROM_REDEEM_BUTTON to false in wp-config.php

v1.327 - Improved the cart_contains_gift_card() function so it can be used in the back end. Added a hook to change the configuration parameters for the PDF generation.

v1.326 - Fixed a conversion issue when using the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin by Oscar Gare. Fixed an issue with the Preview when switching from Other Amount back to a fixed amount.

v1.325 - Prevent a possible exception from being thrown when using WPML Multi Currency.

v1.321 - Fixed a display issue when previewing the gift card with the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce by Oscar Gare plugin installed.

v1.320 - Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6. Fixed an issue with Previews and PDFs when overriding the email template file. Removed a PHP Warning message that can appear in the log files when running wp-cron.php on the command line.

v1.319 - Admin area improvements: Added word wrap to the Recipient email address column. Improved load times on the Balances page. Fixed an issue with recipient emails longer than 255 characters.

v1.317 - Reduce the installation size by removing unnecessary fonts from the PDF module.

v1.313 - Fixed an issue with Delivery Date when using DD/MM/YYYY format.

v1.312 Show a preview of the gift card email to the purchasing customer. Allow customer to choose from multiple gift card email designs directly on the product page.

v1.310 - Fixed an issue where a separate Quantity field would appear on the front end when there are multiple recipient email addresses entered and the selected amount is changed.

v1.309 - Added CSS to fix the display issue with the popular Neve Theme.

v1.308 - Improved integration when using our PW Bulk Edit plugin.

v1.306 - Updated string translations. Fixed a PHP error in the FI translation. Updated call to the woocommerce_variation_option_name hook to include the parameters added in WC v3.6.1

v1.305 - Added an optional wp-config.php constant (PWGC_SKIP_RECIPIENT_EMAIL_LOOKUP) that can be set to prevent the recipient email lookup routine from occurring in the admin dashboard.

v1.304 - Added new settings for Calendar Format and Calendar First Day of Week to allow changes to the Delivery Date calendar.

v1.302 - When multiple email addresses are used to purchase a gift card, ensure that the Email Gift Card button in the admin selects the correct email address rather than showing the entire list. Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1

v1.298 - Internal change to the get_original_order_item_id method to return 0 instead of -1 when the order ID is not found.

v1.295 - Improved integration with WPML WooCommerce Multi Currency.

v1.293 - Fixed an issue with the color picker in the Email Designer on some systems.

v1.292 - Fixed an issue with integration for Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by WP Wham.

⭐ همچنین ببینید: مجموعه ای از افزونه های وردپرس به روز رسانی روزانه در FreeWP

دانلود PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro نسخه 1.372 نال شده توسط PimWick

توجه داشته باشید: شاید لازم باشد قبل از نصب افزونه را از حالت فشرده خارج کنید. اگر تم/پلاگینی حاوی ویروس باشد، هیچ تضمینی نمی دهیم. لطفاً قبل از استفاده از آن در لوکال هاست، Virustotal را بررسی کنید.

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