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از Drive-Your-Drive استفاده کنید یک افزونه ترکیبی هوشمندانه، قابل تنظیم و تخیلی گوگل درایو برای وردپرس است که سوابق شما را در گوگل درایو به خوبی نشان می دهد.

بدون توانایی برنامه نویسی مورد نیاز است! رکورد Google Drive خود را در یک لحظه به افزونه متصل کنید!

در صفحه وردپرس یا مدیر تحریریه پست، باز کنید Use-your-Drive – > Shortcode Builder و حالت از پیش طراحی شده را انتخاب کنید سازمان دهنده Google Drive را انتخاب کنید که باید به عنوان مرحله آغازین افزونه استفاده شود.

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Changelog Use-your-Drive | افزونه گوگل درایو برای وردپرس نال شده رایگان

1.19.5	4 April 2022	
Fix: Embed button in Shortcode Builder not working.
Fix: Large folder/zip downloads could cause buffer issues leading to corrupt downloads.
Improvement: ZIP downloads of a single folder will now use the name of that folder.
Updated: Several Javascript libraries to their latest versions, including Chart.js, DataTables, WPColorPicker, Shareon, Clipboard.js and PanZoom.

1.19.4	24 March 2022	
Added: new %post_title% placeholder.
Fix: Delete Folder permission not correctly saved in Module Configurator
Fix: Plugin could crash if list of permissions contained invalid data
Fix: Prevent plugin from crashing when a WooCommerce Order template is used in combination with the woocommerce_order_item_meta_end hook providing only three arguments instead of four required since WC 6.0.

v1.19.3 - 15 March 2022
Added: New setting field in Module configurator to set a custom 'Add your file(s)' upload button text.
Added: Upload Box now also supports the deletion of uploaded files when enabled in the module configuration.
Fix: Downloading files that require are resource-key since the Google Drive security update could fail in some occasions.
Fix: Google Analytics event didn't always log the file name correctly.
Fix: Updates for plugin were not installed automatically when 'Auto-Updates' are enabled.
Improved: Small changes to the Report tables to improve performance.

v1.19.2 18 February 2022
Added: new $post_id% and %postmeta_{key}% placeholders
Fix: Shortcode Builder in classic TinyMCE editor not storing shortcode correctly when using non UTF-8 characters.
Fix: Share file action not working when using a deeplink to a File Browser module folder in combination with multiple accounts. The account was not set correctly, causing the plugin to stop the share action.
Fix: Shortcode Builder in Elementor stops working after applying changes to the page.
Improved: You can now set a max height for the playlist of the Audio Player and Video Player modules.

v1.19.1 26 January 2022
Fix: Compatibility issue with WordPress 5.9 where a Front-End callback function was no longer working.

v1.19 24 January 2022
IMPORTANT Updated requirements: WordPress 5.3+ & PHP 7.4+.
Added: Support for FLAC playback in File Browser
Fix: GravityView/GravityFlow not rendering plugin field form correctly when both plugins are enabled
Fix: When a Private Folders automatically was created during registration or deleted after user deletion, the plugin would not use the name template as set in the module configuration. Instead it would use the global value for this setting.
Fix: Action events not properly fired when Move/Copy action model has been opened
Fix: Insert direct download link didn't include resourcekey
Improved: Added dark theme for scrollbars
Improved: Embed action now also offers option to embed editable Office & Google docs
Updated: Included CA certificates updated.
Updated: Several Javascript libraries
Updated: PHPthumb library to version 1.7.18-202110211855
Updated: wp-color-picker-alpha library to version 3.0.1
Updated: Tagify to version 4.9.2
Updated: Chart.js to version 3.7.0
Updated: DataTables to version 1.11.3
Deprecated: %file_cloud_shortlived_download_url% placeholder as shortlived download links are not longer available. Placeholder is replaced by %file_cloud_download_url%: A direct download link to the file in the cloud. User needs to have access to the file on the Cloud.
Deprecated: Removed the AES upload encryption functionality for now till as the library used is depending on functionality deprecated in PHP 7.2

v1.18.4 - 24 December 2021
Added: Added support for mimetypes in the module exclusion filters.
Added: Chinese (zn_CN) translation
Fix: The authorization process to link new accounts to the plugin could also be initated by users without access to the plugin settings.
Fix: Opening Full Screen Lightbox while autoplay is enabled could leave previews hidden.
Fix: Creating Private Folders based on a Template Folder with many folders & files could hit API limits.

v1.18.3 - 6 December 2021
VULNERABILITY Fixes an XSS vulnerability in the search functionality of the plugin. Thanks Trainer Red for discovering and responsibly disclosing this issue.
Added: Portuguese (pt_PT) translation
Fix: When adding a new folder, the name will now be trimmed to strip whitespace from the beginning and end.
Fix: ZIP downloads not starting correctly if PHP output buffer contained data.
Improved: Changed alphabetical sorting order to be case insensitive.
Improved: Added placeholders for GravityPDF PDF upload location.
Improved: Small layout tweaks and a few new assets.

v1.18.2 11 November 2021
Added: New setting: 'From' for email notifications. Can be set globally or per module.
Fix: Not reading available memory correctly on servers with memory_limit set to -1 which could cause issues with download streams
Fix: New WooCommerce download urls not set correctly
Fix: Changed video preview in File Browser module to a HTML 5 Video Player as the Google Previewer isn't longer working properly for media files for the majority of the users when 3rd party cookies are blocked in the browser.
Fix: Shortcode Builder not showing up in the Form Field configuration for some WP Forms plugin versions
Improved: Removed some unused javascript libraries

v1.18 - 14 October 2021
Added: Support for the Divi Page Builder added
Added: %usermeta_{key}% placeholder for name templates, to get your users custom meta value. {key} is the meta key to retrieve.
Fix: Move dialog not loading File Browser for selecting new location
Fix: Images in Gallery lightbox not showing up when download action has been disabled and the lightbox would like to render the original files
Fix: 'Allow Preview' setting incorrectly displayed for the Gallery module configuration
Fix: Private Folders not generated when users are registered via the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On
Fix: Export of Google Docs larger than 10MB would fail due to API restrictions. This fix will still allow the export of those files if the document has the permission 'Anyone with link can view'.
Fix: Incorrect storing of sharing permissions in cache could lead to slow previews or downloads
Improved: Added a global upload progress indicator for the Upload Box module
Improved: Changed layout of the WooCommerce Upload integration on both Front-End and Back-End
Improved: Layout and functionality of the Gutenberg block
Improved: Various layout changes
Improved: Replaced Font Awesome icons library with lightweight and fastEva Icons

v1.17.11.1 28 September 2021
Fix: Resource key not always set correctly for documents with Google Drive security update applied
Fix: Move dialog not loading File Browser for selecting new location

v1.17.11 7 September 2021
Added: support for %file_lastedited% and %file_created% placeholders in email notifications
Fix: Manually linked Private folders for guest users not setting account properly
Fix: Automatic Private Folder creation not fired on user registration if the newly created isn't directly logged in
Fix: Setting incorrect basename for files with extensions in capitals (e.g. .JPG)
Fix: Reset scroll of File Browser container when navigating/searching
Fix: Plugin not initiating when output of the plugin was modified by (e.g.) apply_filters('the_content') adding line breaks and paragraphs
Updated: Chart.js library version to 3.5.1
Updated: Datatables library version to 1.11.1
Updated: Tagify library version to 4.7.2
Updated: Font Awesome to version 5.15.4

v1.17.9 - 1 July 2021
IMPORTANT Due to the upcoming Google Drive security update, previously created shared links can stop working depending on how the update is applied for your Google Drive account. Please recreate the links if needed. See https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2021/06/drive-file-link-updates.html
Fix: Right-to-left layout incorrectly applied to Media Player module (subfolder now working without private folders)
Fix: Clicking on a file in the File Browser could trigger the preview/download action twice
Improved: Added support for 'resourceKeys' for the upcoming Google Drive security update.
Improved: Removed outdated or depricated PHP / CSS code

v1.17.8 8 June 2021
Added: %account_email% placeholder for recipient for the email notifications. This placeholder will contain the email address of the linked Cloud Account
Fix: CORS issue with VAST XML urls
Fix: The set subfolder location in the shortcode configuration for manually linked Private Folders not working when using the standalone Upload Box module
Improved: Shortcode Builder will check if modules are still linked to accessible content
Updated: Chart.js library version to 3.3.2
Updated: Datatables library version to 1.10.25
Updated: Tagify library version to 4.2.0

= v1.17.7 22 May 2021 =
Added: Option to select own branding image showing when iFrames are loaded
Fix: Click event not firing when only external preview is available
Fix: Previews not working for shortcut files
Fix: Some actions were still available even when reCaptcha failed validation
Improved: added support for Private Folders for the WooCommerce File/Folder download selector
Improved: Added explanation for (personal) data usage when linking your cloud accounts

= v1.17.6 29 April 2021 =
Fix: Folders on Shared Drives shared with Google Drive account without access to Shared Drive not showing in 'Shared with Me' folder
Fix: WooCommerce download integration selector not opening when using Gutenberg as page editor for your products
Updated: Gravity Forms integration now support GF version >2.5 which contains a new form editor
Improved: Increased Front-End performance by reducing the number of JS events for plugin elements

= v1.17.5 22 April 2021 =
Fix: Zip function not creating the folder structure correctly
Fix: Media Player 'Last modified' sorting order not working
Fix: Media Player playlist not opening folder structure when first file in playlist is inside a subfolder.
Fix: Added workaround for google API not always returning parent folder information for shared folders
Updated: Chartjs Library to version 3.1.0
Updated: Font Awesome to version 5.15.3
Updated: Replaced PHPZip library with ZipStream library

= v1.16.3 5 March 2021 =
Added: Setting to keep Last Modified date when upload files. By default, the last modified date will be set to the upload date.
Added: Preview Role permission setting
Added: New 'Open Subfolder' setting which can be used to set a specific sub folder in a Private Folder as top folder.
Added: Partial support for 'My Computers' folder. Content will only show up via shortlinks on your My Drive
Added: New %uniqueID and %hh:mm% placeholders for Private Folder name template
Fix: Resolved compatability issues with overwritting window.onload functions
Fix: Plugin not able to find folder structure of shortcuts located on My Drive
Improved: Keep selected File Browser 'View' in memory
Improved: Added placeholders for initial File Browser and Gallery loading
Improved: Slight modifications to the Lightbox
Improved: Removed Shared Drives setting but keep it enabled by default

= v1.16.2 - 18 February 2021 =
Fix: GravityPDF integration not loading anymore
Fix: Resolved conflict with the Plyr.io library
Fix: not sending Account ID on Upload Post Process
Added: Setting to keep Last Modified date when upload files. By default, the last modified date will be set to the upload date.

= v1.16.1 - 2 February 2021 =
Fix: Synchronization problems on My Drive
Fix: Search Box module not opening folders
Fix: Changes to the Summary Email setting not saved
Added: When scrolling down a page while using the Video Player will add the video floating in the corner
Added: useyourdrive_upload_entry_information hook to modify upload entry information

= v1.15.16 - 17 December 2020 =
Fix: Token encryption/decription issue on sites running a Multi Sites configuration
Fix: Bug in Upload Box could result in duplicate files
Improved: Lazy loading of images in Media Player playlists
Improved: Added new File URL placeholders for email notification templates. Now includes %file_download_url%, %file_cloud_shared_url%, %file_cloud_preview_url% and %file_cloud_shortlived_download_url% if supported

= v1.15.15 7 December 2020 =
- VULNERABILITY Authorization tokens can be publicly accesible on NGINX servers and requires the attacker to know both the Account email and Account ID. Apache servers are not affected. This version implements token encryption to patch this. A re-authorization might be needed in some cases.
- Fix: Form submit buttons can disappear when triggered while plugin is still uploading files
- Fix: Bug could create 'Guest' Private Folders when a logged in user was for some reason logged out in the background
- Fix: Plugin not initiating properly when ReCaptcha script is loaded async/defer
vImprovement: Made a number of PHP8 compatilibility improvements.

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