[Nulled] Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro v6.5.1

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رویدادهای مدرن تقویم حرفه ای به دنبال رویکرد طراحی مرسوم، مد روز و آخرین فن آوری ها با طراحی جذاب بر اساس مفهوم طراحی عملی ایجاد شده است.

با افزایش جمعیت وردپرس کاربران در سراسر جهان همراه با گسترش ابزارها و ویژگی های وردپرس، تقویم رویداد وردپرس را به بهترین انتخاب برای ایجاد یک وب سایت مدیریت رویداد تبدیل می کند.

Modern Events Calendar Pro بهترین افزونه تقویم رویدادها، رویدادهای خود را به سریع ترین، ساده ترین و مدرن ترین راه با بهترین افزونه تقویم رویداد وردپرس مدیریت کنید.

⭐پیشنهادات مشابه: PRO Bookly – پلاگین شماره 1 رزرو تقویم برای وردپرس

نسخه ی نمایشی: https://webnus.net/modern-events-calendar/

ویژگی های Modern Events Calendar Pro – بهترین تقویم رویداد وردپرس

ویژگی های Modern Events Calendar Pro – بهترین تقویم رویداد وردپرس
  • راه اندازی آسان رویداد
  • تنظیمات جزئی و اختیاری
  • بیش از 40 طرح نمایش رویداد
  • قابلیت رزرو بلیط و بلیط
  • درگاه های پرداخت مختلف
  • رابط کاربری آسان

Changelog Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro نال شد رایگان

v6.5.1 – 3 April 2022
- Improved: The security and output escapes
- Fixed: An issue in displaying event tags on the block editor
- Fixed: An issue on the public file module
- Fixed: Some issues regarding event filters
- Fixed: An issue with displaying end dates for multiple-day events
- Fixed: An issue with displaying the cost of events
- Fixed: A multilingual issue

v6.5.0 – 31 March 2022
- Fixed: An issue on shortcode filter options
- Fixed: The remove button for the inner form builder
- Fixed: An issue on the single event date method option
- Fixed: An issue on the hide event option
- Fixed: Some minor issues

v6.4.7 – 27 March 2022
- Fixed: An issue on PayPal Standard Gateway (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in “Related Events” module when a link is set for an event
- Fixed: Some issues in notification placeholders
- Fixed: An issue in manual import from Google Calendar
- Fixed: Some PHP issues and warnings
- Fixed: An issue on displaying cancellation reason (pro)
- Removed: PHP curl and used WordPress remote API instead
- Escaped and Sanitized: Many parts of the project to improve security and performance

New Update Changelog v6.4.6​
Fixed: Ticket Lable

v6.4.2 – 3 March 2022
- Improved: The XML export
- Improved: The skin load in full calendar shortcode
- Improved: The Stripe gateway by adding some booking fields into the meta fields (pro)
- Improved: The search functionality on shortcodes
- Improved: The XML import to store event fields too
- Improved: Some options on the lite version
- Improved: The speaker feature in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: An issue on event and booking filter in WP backend (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on the next event module
- Fixed: Some issues in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: An issue in year and month selection on month navigation
- Fixed: A potential memory issue
- Fixed: An issue on independent tag

v6.4.0 – 23 February 2022
- Improved: The MEC backend
- Improved: Queries on all skins
- Improved: The single event page
- Improved: The ability to change verification and confirmation status per event (pro)
- Improved: The organizer search on monthly skin
- Improved: The MEC single widget to respect the order of widgets
- Improved: The multilingual and translations ready by adding some more fields to the WPML config file
- Improved: An accessibility in frontend and backend with an option
- Added: Catalan translation (Thanks to Joan Mateus Gorgues) (pro)
- Fixed: An XSS issue
- Fixed: Calculating dates of yearly events (pro)
- Fixed: Timetable skin regarding start date
- Fixed: Resetting the search form in special cases
- Fixed: Some PHP issues and warnings
- Fixed: Displaying additional locations and organizers in multilingual websites
- Fixed: A conflict with Divi theme
- Fixed: An issue on the reports menu regarding all-day events

v6.3.0 – 2 February 2022
- Added: PayPal Standard gateway (pro)
- Improved: The event countdown to be compatible with the event timezone
- Improved: The sorting method of events
- Fixed: Some PHP warnings and notices
- Fixed: An issue in the general calendar
- Fixed: An issue in the iCal import
- Fixed: An issue regarding exporting custom day events in the iCal feed

v6.2.9 – 25 January 2022
- Compatibility: WordPress v5.9
- Added: A new feature to update booking dates when date of a normal event get’s updated (pro)
- Improved: PayPal Express Checkout (pro)
- Improved: The memory usage of one function
- Fixed: An issue in “WC as Payment System” feature (pro)
- Fixed: Local time module of accordion style of list view
- Fixed: Currency position
- Fixed: Description module of single builder
- Fixed: Some styling issues in add event and shortcode wizard
- Fixed: Some PHP notices and warnings

v6.2.8 – 19 January 2022
- Added: An options for column count for tablet and mobile in carousel skin
- Added: Display repeat method when “Show only one occurrence of events” option is enabled in the shortcode
- Added: An ability to insert/change coupon codes while editing bookings in the backend (pro)
- Added: A sold-out style for the “calendar date selection” method in the booking module (pro)
- Improved: The MEC checkout to preview free bookings (pro)
- Improved: The MEC settings to be able to insert booking and single date options per language for multi-lingual websites
- Fixed: An issue in AWeber integration (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in daily skin
- Fixed: An issue in ical feed regarding advanced events

v6.2.7 – 12 January 2022
- Fixed: Add New plugin page

v6.2.6 – 12 January 2022
- Added: Some new options for the “Assets Per Page” feature
- Added: Title and description fields for public download module
- Improved: The UX of MEC Cart (pro)
- Improved: The mandatory checkbox validation on event custom fields
- Fixed: A search issue on tile skin
- Fixed: The ticket pricing system (pro)
- Fixed: The next event module
- Fixed: Some issues on iCal feed
- Fixed: An issue in showing the sold-out label
- Fixed: Some issues on event structured data
- Fixed: An issue in the reports menu
- Fixed: An issue on profile short-code
- Fixed: Some issues in the export feature (pro)
- Fixed: A conflict with other plugins
- Fixed: Some PHP notices and warnings

v6.2.5 – 5 January 2022
- Added: A new option to display event price based on lowest ticket price (pro)
- Added: An invoice feature for MEC cart (pro)
- Added: A new feature to sort the events in descending order
- Added: A new integration option with PaidMembership Pro plugin to let users with certain subscriptions to access booking module of events based on event category (pro)
- Added: An option to enable / disable countdown method in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Improved: The security of MEC
- Improved: The auto booking confirmation process (pro)
- Fixed: Time of custom day events
- Fixed: Stop selling option for selling tickets (pro)
- Fixed: Schema contents
- Fixed: An issue in multilingual websites
- Fixed: An issue in some notification placeholders
- Fixed: Duplicating events
- Fixed: An issue in setting event times in special cases
- Fixed: Some PHP issues
- Fixed: A PHP warning

v6.2.0 – 11 December 2021
- Added: MEC Cart System (pro)
- Added: General Calendar view skin
- Added: An ability to insert multiple attendees with different tickets in the “Add Booking” menu of MEC backend (pro)
- Added: An option to copy shortcode with one click
- Improved: The iCal feed
- Improved: The speed of MEC in the backend
- Improved: The booking process when calendar type is selected to display dates and times (pro)
- Improved: The Facebook importer to import special events (pro)
- Fixed: Showing event custom data
- Fixed: Showing event dates in the “Add Booking” menu in the backend (pro)
- Fixed: Booking fee calculation (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in countdown view
- Fixed: Sending booking reminders (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in checking user limits for booking (pro)
- Fixed: Sending sold out notifications (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in payment gateways (pro)
- Fixed: Displaying time of custom day events

v6.1.6 – 17 November 2021
- Added: “Amount Per Date” option for fees (pro)
- Improved: The speed of MEC page in some sections
- Improved: MEC security
- Fixed: Some issues in fee calculation (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in google map assets inclusion (pro)
- Fixed: An issue regarding block editor compatibility
- Fixed: The %%ticket_time%% placeholder (pro)
- Fixed: Displaying event status in email notifications (pro)
- Fixed: Sending verification email when event is added from backend with verified status (pro)
- Fixed: Saving new organizer added from “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: The issue of opening unwanted links in modal in list skin when modal popup is enabled
- Fixed: The end date of custom days events
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

v6.1.5 – 10 November 2021
- Added: A new option to create coupon codes based on the count of booked dates (pro)
- Added: A feature to set and show caption of featured images
- Added: A new feature to skip the first step of booking when possible (pro)
- Added: Agreement checkbox to “Frontend Event Submission”
- Added: A new option to set sticky sidebar
- Improved: MEC Profile shortcode
- Improved: The hourly schedule module
- Improved: The event description on Google calendar export to keep the links
- Fixed: An issue in Schema
- Fixed: An issue regarding the register button (pro)
- Fixed: An issue about the end date of custom repeat events
- Fixed: Custom fields cut off when the event has a label
- Fixed: Some issues in the countdown module
- Fixed: An issue in all-day events

v6.1.0 – 19 October 2021
- Improved: Next/Previous events module
- Improved: All MEC cron jobs (pro)
- Improved: The query speed in some sections
- Fixed: An issue in the event link when a special time format was used
- Fixed: An issue in the fee calculation (pro)
- Fixed: Booking reminder cronjob (pro)
- Fixed: Exporting advanced repeat events (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in event links
- Fixed: Some encoding and format issues in iCal exports
- Fixed: Carousel skin regarding popup
- Fixed: PayPal Express gateway in some devices (pro)
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

v5.22.3 – 22 September 2021
- Added: An option to include expired events in the “Related Events” module
- Improved: The slider and carousel skins
- Improved: The iCal feed
- Improved: The Stripe gateway integration (pro)
- Improved: iCal feed to support languages
- Fixed: Some translation issues
- Fixed: Some security issues
- Fixed: A PHP warning in some servers
- Fixed: Showing the wrong timezone in events list in WP backend
- Fixed: Showing timezones in skins
- Fixed: A conflict with Divi theme
- Fixed: Grid skin
- Fixed: Sending new event notification (pro)
- Fixed: Showing gateway name in some notifications (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in WPML and polylang translations
- Fixed: Advanced translation editor of WPML

v5.22.2 – 2 September 2021
- Added: Ability to reconnect to a new account in Stripe connect (pro)
- Added: An option to translate messages and notifications in MEC Settings on multilingual websites
- Added: An option to disable MEC email template
- Changed: Checkbox name under Category field in the Search Form to Multiselect
- Fixed: An issue in importing time in XML import
- Fixed: An issue in iDeal payment (pro)
- Fixed: Some errors in the iCal feed
- Fixed: Some issues in PHP 8
- Fixed: Ticket names of multilingual events (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues regarding event time
- Fixed: An issue in removing ticket variations (pro)
- Fixed: Sending booking reminders for drafted events (pro)
- Fixed: Location and organizer of multilingual events
- Fixed: Counting remained tickets in special cases (pro)
- Fixed: Filter options of shortcodes
- Fixed: Carousel view arrows
- Fixed: Position of the day on countdown view
- Fixed: Disabled Roboto font with an option
- Fixed: Some issue in checkboxes in the block editor environment
- Fixed: A security issue

v5.22.1 – 17 August 2021
- Added: ical subscription URL
- Applied: Some security enhancements
- Applied: Some speed improvements
- Improved: The Stripe gateway integration (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in calculating remaining tickets to display flags (pro)
- Fixed: Time display
- Fixed: Frontend Event Submission regarding adding new locations
- Fixed: An issue in tile view

v5.22.0 – 9 August 2021
- Added: A new feature to schedule emails and send them automatically before or after events (pro)
- Added: Ability to rename booking (pro)
- Added: An ability to disable ticket times (pro)
- Added: Category option for coupons (pro)
- Fixed: Displaying event times
- Fixed: Daylight saving and import/export
- Fixed: Hiding event time
- Fixed: Booking price calculation in special cases (pro)

v5.21.5 – 28 July 2021
- Added: Ability to define variations per ticket (pro)
- Added: Some new options, including HTML editor to text-area field of custom fields
- Added: A new option to disable countdown for ongoing events
- Added: Validation on time of events
- Added: Booking attachments in WordPress media so admin can manage the files (pro)
- Improved: The first name and last name detection (pro)
- Improved: Some strings for translations
- Improved: CSV export by adding some new fields
- Improved: The date field of custom fields
- Improved: Display of labels in shortcodes
- Fixed: Display booking button when the event is sold-out but not expired (pro)
- Fixed: Calculation of remaining tickets (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in the total booking module
- Fixed: Ajax actions in element or popup
- Fixed: some PHP notices and warnings

v5.21.2 – 17 July 2021
- Fixed: Some minor issues

v5.21.0 – 14 July 2021
- Added: Search refine option
- Added: Detailed time option for applicable skins
- Added: Event dates to the monthly view when the “Display All Events” option is enabled
- Added: A reset ability that can be added to the search module
- Added: Custom color option to the categories
- Improved: Language files
- Improved: Display of the “Load More” button
- Fixed: “WC as Payment System” in multilingual websites (pro)
- Fixed: Booking import (pro)
- Fixed: First and last name detection
- Fixed: The event link and more info link in the modal
- Fixed: Displaying more info section when location is not set
- Fixed: Date localization in WooCommerce checkout (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on Frontend Event Submission
- Fixed: An issue on showing the wrong expired label
- Fixed: An issue on saving event status data in Frontend Event Submission
- Fixed: An issue in Mailchimp integration (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in the related events module
- Fixed: Some issues in the search module
- Fixed: Showing all-day events in the reports menu
- Fixed: The “User Event Publishing” notification when the event was submitted from the frontend
- Fixed: Some PHP notices and warnings

لیست Addons Modern Events Calendar Pro

  1. افزونه گزارش‌های پیشرفته برای تقویم رویدادهای مدرن (MEC) نسخه 1.1.1
  2. افزونه رویدادهای مجازی – تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نسخه 1.1.7
  3. Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.1.1
  4. Elementor Single Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.7.2
  5. Elementor Shortcode Designer for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.2.2
  6. Elementor Form Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) نسخه 1.2.0
  7. ادغام WooCommerce با تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نسخه 1.5.0
  8. Elementor Shortcode Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.6.0
  9. بلیط و فاکتور تقویم رویدادهای مدرن (MEC) نسخه 1.2.9
  10. افزونه داشبورد کاربر تقویم رویدادهای مدرن (MEC) نسخه 1.2.3
  11. Multisite Event Sync for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.0.5
  12. ادغام زوم تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نسخه 1.1.3
  13. رویدادهای مدرن تقویم رویدادهای RSVP v1.1.6
  14. افزونه های تقویم رویدادهای مدرن – Divi Single Builder نسخه 1.0.5
  15. قبیله مدرن – نوار فیلتر تقویم رویدادها نسخه 5.1.3
  16. قبیله مدرن – رویدادها تقویم رویدادهای انجمن بلیط 4.7.8
  17. قبیله مدرن – رویدادهای تقویم رویدادهای جامعه 4.8.5
  18. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Organizer v1.0.7
  19. فهرست انتظار تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نسخه 1.1.2
  20. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar PRO نسخه
  21. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets v4.6.7
  22. تقویم رویدادهای مدرن Speaker پیشرفته نسخه 1.0.7
  23. مدرن رویدادهای تقویم واردکننده پیشرفته 1.0.5
  24. تقویم رویدادهای مدرن Layouts با نمای روان نسخه 1.2.9
  25. تقویم رویدادهای مدرن BuddyBoss ادغام نسخه 2.0.1
  26. مکان پیشرفته تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نسخه 1.0.7
  27. تقویم رویدادهای مدرن نقشه پیشرفته نسخه 1.0.4
  28. تقویم رویدادهای مدرن Zapier Integration v2.0.1

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